We Help Academic Institutions Create Bullying & Harassment Free Environments

Academic harassment is a serious, yet unresolved, issue that affects college students, postdocs, and faculties of various ranks (collectively "Targets"). Our mission is to foster a safe academic environment for targets experiencing academic harasssment, through education and training.

Lonely student in a tunnel on university campus.
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Make Academia Safe for Everyone

Due to the lack of knowledge about the types and contextual behaviours of academic bullying and harassment, many targets don't even know what they're experiencing is academic bullying and harassment. This lack of information has been causing huge harm not only to the targets and their families, but also to scientific integrity and evolution.

Targets' Tip provides a unique educational program which enables the scientific workforce to identified various types of bullying and harassment and differentiate it with academic norms and freedom.

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The Targets' Tip is creating two Apps which are nearing completion and will be released soon. The first app provide a user-friendly platform for secure documentation of academic harassment incidents, to make sure that no case goes unnoticed (click here for details). The second app connects targets to external supporters including lawyers, survivors, trauma experts, and ombuds people (click here for details). Join the waitlist to be notified once we go live for Android and IOS!